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Short Breaks in Cornwall and Devon

Short breaks are becoming very popular, yet to accommodation providers they can be a nightmare...... They still prefer the week long bookings!

Our Short Break Accommodation Listings in Cornwall and Devon

Click on our Short Break Accommodation Database to access the only comprehensive list (with pictures) of accommodation providers in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset who specialize in providing short break accommodation, which means that they are more happy to accept one, two and three night stays. Please note however, in the busy season they may insist on a minimum 2 night booking.

No more will you contact an accommodation provider and be told they are full.....

.....When in fact they are not! In Cornwall and Devon in particular, accommodation providers are awash with tourists in the summer season and many will not accept short breaks at their guest houses and hotels if they think they can get a longer booking. So if you, like many people, want to book a short break in the South West, maybe you want just a romantic weekend away or just one or two nights for example - it might not occur to you that your short break booking will not be very popular and the likelihood is they will tell you they are full!

Happily the South West does have a lot of short break specialists, but finding them in the minefield of accommodations who aren't,  has previously been very difficult. This is why we have put together a list of Short Break Accommodation providers. It has almost 3,000 accommodation providers on it, including guest houses, hotels, hostels and camp sites throughout the South west who actually enjoy your short break business, meaning they are far more likely to provide you with an excellent service, and not charge you a ridiculous amount for it.

This Short Break Accommodation database was originally compiled for walkers and cyclists on the South West Coast Path, but it quickly became evident that not just walkers and cyclists wanted to use it, but many visitors to Cornwall, Devon and the whole of the South west too! This short break accommodation database receives over 1,000 enquiries per week and is now truly the finest list of accommodation providers specialising in one night, two night and short break stay.

Our Short Break Accommodation Providers are literally on, or near the coast of Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Cornwall!

Yes it's true, the happy co-incidence of providing short break accommodation for walkers, is that we ended up with 3,000 guest houses, hotels, hostels and camp sites all sitting on the coast - why? Because walkers visiting the South West region almost exclusively walk the South West Coast Path which hugs the coast of Devon and Cornwall. This means if you use our Short Break Accommodation database, you will pretty much only be looking at accommodation that have the best sea views and locations all around the coastline! Mind you, when you have been looking at it all day, all you really want is a nice comfy bed, shower and breakfast!

Our short break accommodation database for the South west is completely free to use and we don't get a penny of commission from any of the providers either. They get the entire amount you pay them and we as a company benefit from more of them wanting to join us, some of which pay us for the advertising (the big yellow listings) and they also spread the word about our luggage and kit transfer services around the South West Coast Path too.


Opt in for your 25p donation per transfer to the South West Coast Path Association

 When you fill out your inquiry form you are asked if you wish to donate 25p per transfer to the SWCP. This money goes towards the regeneration and repairs of the coast path. We are happy to say that we pay them thousands of pounds a year from all the donations our private walkers donate. So please, donate if you can... it all helps!

So start booking your short break in Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Dorset and have a great time in one or all of these beautiful counties!