Walk The Cornish Celtic Way - Cornwall's Camino Pilgrimage

Luggage Transfers cover the Cornish Celtic Way route from St Germans to Marazion.  Established in 2009, we move thousands of bags each year for visitors walking and cycling throughout the South West.

Below, you’ll find more information about the route, a popular itinerary for The Cornish Celtic Way, as well as a link to our walker friendly accommodation for the entire route.

Start: St Germans
Finish: Marazion
Total Distance: 125 miles / 201 km
Luggage transfers available: 1st March to 31st October

Walk the Cornish Celtic Way – The Cornwall Camino Pilgramage

This newly established route is not just for those seeking spiritual solitude whilst walking but for anyone wishing to experience a new and different way to hike across Cornwall immersing yourself in its heritage and legends. The Cornish Celtic Way starts as you cross the Tamar in St Germans utilising two popular pilgrim routes, The Saints Way with the popular busy towns of Padstow and Fowey and St Michaels Way giving you a chance to stay in artistic St Ives and the end point of Marazion linking with The South West Coast Path on both South and North coasts to bring a route offering the best of Cornwall. Whether you wish to enjoy the calm and serenity to be found in the ancient churches and chapels along the way or just wish to enjoy the sea, the mining heritage and fishing villages as well as the inland high points between the coasts. The Cornish Celtic Way will open your eyes to the diversity of one of the UK’s favourite counties.

Please note that this route takes in a great deal of road walking. The suggested locations are based on larger town and villages to aid with overnight accommodations. This walk has many hidden villages along the way which allows you to hide from the more crowded towns if you so wish, a copy of the official guidebook is a must with detailed information for the entire route to allow you to shorten or lengthen your days according to your own walking ability.

You can buy a Cornish Celtic Way Guide Book and Cornish Celtic Way Passport here.

Popular walking itinerary for the Cornish Celtic Way