Walking The Two Moors Way, Devon & Somerset

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Below, you’ll find more information about the route, a suggested Two Moors Way itinerary, as well as a link to our walker friendly accommodation for the entire route.

Check out this great video by Exmoor National Park:

Start: Ivybridge
Finish: Lynmouth
Total Distance: 100 miles / 160.9 km
Luggage transfers available: 1st March to 31st October

Walk the Two Moors Way – Devon’s Coast to Coast hike

This is one of the most popular and remote routes across the stunning and open landscapes of Dartmoor and Exmoor. An opportunity to experience the wild open spaces between the coasts of South and North Devon. You have the option to start your journey in the bustling city of Plymouth to take you along the South West Coast Path to the village of Wembury.

From here, you can head inland via the to Ivybridge to start your adventure on the The Two Moors Way route at Ivybridge. Heath and gorse land abound with a plethora of wildlife to watch along the way. Ancient Bronze Age settlements, quirky little churches feature along the way, mix these with welcoming little villages and outstanding views, by the time you have reached the end of the walk in the North Devon seaside town of Lynmouth you know you have stored a wealth of memories you will want to keep.

The Two Moors Way has a passport scheme.  You can purchase a passport here, and view the list of locations where you’re able to get it stamped.  A Cicerone Two Moors Way Guide Book written by Sue Vickers is also available.

Most common Two Moors Way Questions

How long does it take to walk the Two Moors Way?

The Two Moors Way is normally completed in 8-12 days walking

Can you cycle the Two Moors Way?

As far as we know it’s not possible to cycle all of the Two Moors Way, but The West Country Way runs close by which is designed for cyclists.

How far/long is the Two Moors Way?

Officially the Two Moors Way is 102 miles long.

Is the Two Moors Way well signposted?

The route is well sign posted, but as you are walking on open moorland for large parts of the route, we strongly suggest a compass/map or digital GPS navigation.

Popular Itinerary for the Two Moors Way

Day 1 - Optional Route Via South West Coast Path - Plymouth to Wembury (10.8 miles / 17.4 km)

Many chose to start their Two Moors adventure from Plymouth which allows for easier access to a mainline station. This walk prepares you for the wonderful chance to get away from it all as you leave the bustling city and begin to walk onwards with beautiful views and a sense of relaxation as your companions. The little village of Wembury offers accommodation and places to eat in the evening, ready for your first steps on your coast to coast adventure.

Day 2 Via Erme-Plym Trail - Wembury to Ivybridge (15 miles / 24 km)

The trail from Wembury was linked to Ivybridge to create a true coast to coast walk in 2005. The route is a gentle and undulating one with Dartmoor always in view as you stroll through fields and woodlands. Photo opportunities are to be had as you cross the tidal ford at Cofflete Creek, grab some lunch in either Brixton or Yealmpton before you carry onwards to Ivybridge.

Day 3 - Ivybridge to Scorriton (14 miles / 22.5 km)

Dartmoor awaits you with some tough walking on this day, but you are rewarded with peaceful solitude. Follow the Redlake Railway through the windswept moorlands and wooded valleys. Ancient barrows and settlement remains scatter the landscape, pretty river crossings and open fields allow for wildlife and bird watching along the way. You are treated to glimpses of the tower of Buckfast Abbey before reaching Scorriton.

Day 4 - Scorriton to Widecombe in the Moor (9 miles / 14.4 km)

Todays walk brings ascents and descent aplenty as you walk along the steep sides of the Dart valley tracing the route of the river. Whilst a chance to take in the remoteness you will need stock up on provisions before leaving Scorriton as you will be away from villages until you reach Widecombe in the Moor.

Day 5 - Widecombe in the Moor to Chagford (11 miles / 17.7 km)

Enjoy some company while you walk today as Highland cattle and Dartmoor ponies will join you along this part of the route. The Bronze Age settlement of Grimspound is worth a visit as you pass by. Fields and woodlands add to todays’ enjoyment before reaching journey’s end in the pretty village of Chagford.

Day 6 - Chagford to Coleford (11 miles / 17.7 km)

A walk alongside the River Teign amongst the woods and rugged tors passing beneath the imposing Castle Drogo is a highlight of the day. It is here you say farewell to Dartmoor and start to walk the section between the moors. If you didn’t stop at the castle, take on some lunch in Drewsteignton before moving onward. The village of Coleford is located off the path but the local pub with rooms and a good meal will end the day perfectly.

Day 7 - Coleford to Morchard Bishop (9 miles / 14.4 km)

Jump back on the path and head on your way. Again, you will be struck by the remoteness of this stretch of the route, a chance to immerse yourself in the tranquil landscape, the wildlife and seasonal flowers as you walk to the mid-point of the Two Moors Way at Morchard Bishop.

Day 8 - Morchard Bishop to Knowstone (16 miles / 25.7 km)

Take a photo by one of the four Two Moors Way marker stones before you embark on your next walk. Woodlands and fields are the order of the day until you reach the old coaching town of Witheridge once a busting embarkation point for traffic heading up and down the country. Thankfully now it is more peaceful as is the rest of your walk along the lanes until you arrive at Knowstone, famous for its 15th century church.

Day 9 - Knowstone to Withypool (12 miles / 19.3 km)

At last you have reached the second of the Moors and Exmoor extends before you, Dartmoor behind you and the end of the route nearly in sight. This section is another marked by its isolation, so a provision stock up in Knowstone is a must. Slipping into Somerset as you reach Hawkridge you cross the rivers and waterways across the Barle by the medieval clapper bridge at Tarr Steps. Follow the river, here you walk on the Royal Forest of Exmoor, once owned by the king of the land and a hunting spot for the crown for almost 100 years.  Stay overnight in Withypool.

Day 10 - Withypool to Lynmouth (16 miles / 25.7 km)

The last day of your trip and one giving you a last taste of all you have experienced in the days before, river valley walking, Iron Age hillforts, iron ore mine remains and woodlands. A jump back into Devon takes you out of the Royal Forest boundaries. As you finally take in the views across the steep and wooded East Lyn river valley you walk your final steps towards the sea. Your Coast to Coast journey is at an end as you enter Lynmouth, time to celebrate your adventure and reminisce on your trip.