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Lamphey Bishop's Palace

Lamphey Bishop's Palace

It was The 'get away from it all'  luxury palace for high ranking bishops seeking escape from the stress and strain of Church and State.

Right up until the reign of King Henry VIII, and the Dissolution of the Monasteries, when of course many churches and their estates were sacked,  this palace had been the favourite place for medieval bishops to come and recuperate from the everyday strain of Church and State business.  It was truly a place fit for Royalty.  The quite extensive remains seen today can largely be attributed to Henry de Gower who was bishop of St Davids from 1328 - 1347.  It was his efforts that made the place the 'des res' that it became with its 25 metre long Great Hall that no doubt would have impressed anyone, even the most affluent of bishops.   Also well preserved is the western hall and inner gatehouse.