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Baggage Transfers on Britain's Walking Routes 

While you walk the beautiful trekking routes of the South West Coast Path, Pembrokeshire Coast Path and other inland routes, we'll deliver your luggage between your accommodations - both cheaply and efficiently.

Delivering on The South West Coast Path, Pembrokeshire Coast Path and More

Luggage Transfers Ltd. deliver more bags for walkers and cyclists than any other company in the UK, particularly on the national walking trails of southern England and Wales, and we are also a "one stop shop" for one night friendly accommodation, short break accommodation, walking itineraries and general information for those planning a walking holiday. Don't just take our word for it, we receive over 200 emails a year telling us what a great service we provide and you will find every single one of them on our walkers testimonials page.

If you would like us to deliver luggage for you, or just need the information to plan your walking holiday on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, South West Coast Path or the Two Moors Way then please first select the walking route you are interested in below, or use the links ladder to the left:

If you select one of the above walking routes (shown in the pictures), you will have access to the only completely free and available, comprehensive one night friendly accommodation and short break accommodation database. This is specifically designed for walkers and cyclists on or near the South West Coast Path, the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and other inland walking routes such as The Two Moors Way. It is used by many major walking companies worldwide and attracts in the region of 1,000 inquiries per week from private walkers who use it to book their walking holidays and short breaks. We keep it accurate by using feedback from our drivers and customers and we remove any accommodation provider who either no longer accepts one night stays and short breaks, or which receives two substantive complaints in any one year.

Within the listings you will find walker friendly guest houses, B&B's, campsites, hostels, hotels, and in some cases self catering accommodations who don't just begrudgingly accept one night stays and short breaks, but are more than happy to do so, and even have special facilities for walkers, cyclists and other activity holiday enthusiasts who need short break accommodation.

You will also find a wealth of information which will either assist you in booking your walking holiday yourself, or will direct you to the walking holiday company who specialises in the walking route you wish to walk, if you want it all done for you!

We provide and keep this information accurate for free. It is our mission to reduce carbon emissions and needless vehicles from the roads of the South West Coast Path and Pembrokeshire Coast Path areas, by combining baggage transfers for walkers and cyclists, and in doing so the more we deliver the more we can reduce costs to you, the customer. So go ahead and use our website to arrange your walking holiday, but then please book your transfers with us - the most professional, best, and most used luggage delivery service in the UK.

Other Walking Routes Luggage Transfers Ltd deliver on..

There many more walking routes which we deliver on, many are very popular, albeit more minor than those featured above, Here are just some of them: 

1- East Devon Way - For more information on this popular route go to the official website at: http://www.eastdevonaonb.org.uk/index.php?page=east-devon-way-map

2- Macmillan Way...

3- Colleridge Way

4- Saints Way 

5- St Michaels Way

All of the above routes are within the south west peninsular bordered by the South West Coast Path and Luggage Transfers Ltd will deliver everywhere within this 630 mile border.

Baggage Transfer Service on The Pembrokeshire Coast Path, South West Coast Path, Two Moors Way and many inland walking routes including the Tarka Trail and Coleridge Way.

Walkers are constantly booking trekking holidays around the South West Coast Path, The Two Moors Way, Pembrokeshire Coast Path or anywhere within the counties of Cornwall, Devon, West Somerset and West Dorset, also Pembrokeshire in Wales. They stay at various types of accommodation from B+B's, camp sites and hostels to high quality hotels. We Know that hiking on the coastal paths of Britain is tough when carrying a load of baggage on your back, so Lt offer to transfer it between those accommodations for you . When you arrive at your accommodation, your baggage is waiting for you! We expect to deliver your bags by 4.30pm at the latest, however transfers are usually done by lunchtime or early afternoon.

The Cost for Luggage Transfers across the South West Coast Path, Pembrokeshire Coast Path and Two Moors Way

The cost is as low as £7.50 per bag, but this only applies to a handful of transfers. We do apply a discount for single walkers, but this is only £2 per day less than the 2 bag price , as the driver still has to drive the same journey however many there are.  In general the Pembrokeshire Coast Path is less expensive for baggage transfers than the South West Coast Path, purely because the Pembrokeshire Coast Path has only one major estuary at Pembroke.

Some transfers include estuaries or, for some reason are much longer by road than the walk itself, particularly in Cornwall, and because of this we price band our transfers based on time and distance, so some walking routes are more than £7.50 per bag. In all cases we will quote any baggage transfer enquiry usually within hours so that you can choose to accept or not. It tends to reassure walkers to know that we have a 95% quote acceptance rate and we have a price promise that will better or equal the quote of any baggage transfer specialist out there.

Insurance for Bags

A main concern for walkers is damage to bags or contents and because a trekking holiday inevitably means a lot of moving about, some wear and tear will almost certainly occur, but Luggage Transfers Ltd. insure each of your bags for up to £250 for excessive damage and loss of the bags during the transfer process - see terms and conditions. We know of no other taxi or Kit Transfer specialist who does this.

How to Book:

Booking is easy, you will need to book your accommodation first, which is far easier to do if you use the specialist short break accommodation database on our web site. When you know where you are walking from and to, simply complete our baggage transfer enquiry form.

Our enquiry form is pre-populated with pretty much all the walker friendly and short break friendly accommodation around the South West Coast path and Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, so you won't even have to write out the whole address -start typing in the town and the accommodations will pop up..... simply click the relevant one.....we know them already and have delivered to them before, often hundreds of times!

If you just want a rough idea of price for your baggage transfer before booking your accommodation, that is fine, you can still use the inquiry form but just enter the towns/villages. This will give the exact same price quote as if you had entered the accommodation.  However once addresses and postcodes are confirmed this may alter your quote by a couple of pounds either way. A postcode can make a difference!

First you will receive your quote for baggage transfers. If you are happy with the quote please let us know by e mail or phone (if imminent). We ask at this point that you also let us know by which method you would like to pay. We accept BACS, (by far the most popular method) Card through the website, 2%, cheque and in the case of our overseas walkers you will be offered the option of leaving cash at your first accommodation to avoid international bank charges for you. 

Pannier Transfers for Cyclists in the South West of England and Pembrokeshire

There are many cycle trails in the south west of England and Pembrokeshire, and although most are in-land, we deliver across almost all of them. Because the south west of England and Pembrokeshire are both peninsular, our coastal drivers can cover almost all of these cycle trails, however we do have to price these journeys differently as cyclists cover many more miles!

To book your pannier transfers, just complete our standard baggage transfers enquiry form which you will find in the relevant area - ie the South West Coast Path, Pembrokeshire Coast Path or Two Moors Way areas of our website (links at top of this page)

One night friendly accommodation

Our short break accommodation  database is a great help for walkers booking their own walking holiday. Showing only short break friendly accommodation, it is really easy to search for hotels and guest houses who really want your one night stay business. So if you enquire using our walker friendly accommodation database, you will almost certainly have a warm response and can be assured that you will be staying with someone who is geared up for cyclists and walkers!


We consider our business to be an ongoing project. We combine as many kit transfers as possible in order to remove needless road journeys from our beautiful tourist routes which, in turn also reduces emissions. The combination of just 3 transfers will save on average 2 x 30 mile round trips in a car or van. Repeat this every day across 200 regular routes, 8 months a year, and it works out as a massive saving. Currently our annual carbon emissions saving is in the region of 400 tonnes.

Please note:  By booking with Luggage Transfers you are not taking business from accommodation providers - most only do them because they think it helps to secure the accommodation booking. The cost they will charge, usually of £20 to £40 often only covers fuel and other motoring costs so it is far better for them to be servicing their accommodation (especially as they accept short breaks so there is more linen to do!) while we transfer your bags at a reduced rate and save on emissions - this is a fact, we work regularly with over 3,000 one night friendly and short break accommodation providers and the vast majority of them say the same thing to us, that doing the luggage transfers themselves can be a right pain!

The 2 most Frequently Asked Questions Regards Our Kit Transfer and Walk Planning Services

What constitutes Kit or Luggage or Baggage?

We regularly move suitcases, holdalls, tents, rucksacks, big bags, fold up dog crates, and even carrier bags for those on a trekking holiday. Frankly we are not particularly concerned what it is you want delivering as long as it is not dangerous and is below 25kgs in weight.

Do you deliver to places that are not on the one night friendly / short break accommodation pages of your web site?

Yes, we deliver anywhere on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, South West Coast Path and anywhere inland of those areas too. If you can't find the accommodation already entered within the booking form, you can fill it out manually with whatever address you will be staying at. This could even be a relatives address or friends who may be putting you up for the night! Please ensure we have their phone number and postal address. Also they will need to be aware that they will receive a phone call the evening before from our driver who will advise of the time he is passing through that particular town. 

Please click on Frequently Asked Questions to see many more.


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