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Frequently Asked Questions:

1 - If I only have one item of luggage do I have to pay the full 2 bag rate?

A - We are able to offer a discount for just one bag. We simply reduce the cost by £2 per transfer. The journey is exactly the same so we have to at least cover our costs.

2 - What time will my bags be picked up and delivered?

A- It depends on how many deliveries a driver has that day and whether yours is at the start, middle or end of those deliveries, but they will definitely be picked up at or after 9am and delivered by 4pm, and more than likely by 1pm.

3 - What is the definition of one bag or item of luggage?

A- Each item must not weigh more than 25kg, we will not be pedantic about it if you attach a carrier bag to an item of luggage, we will still consider it one item for the purpose of pricing, but do ensure the weight limit is complied with, as our drivers should not be expected to risk their health to deliver an unreasonably big or heavy item.

4 - Will you give us a lift if it rains or we get injured etc?

A- Yes, providing the driver has room, but you will have to wait for them to arrive for the luggage transfer, which could be late in the morning as they pass through the town. We do not charge for this as many of our drivers are not licensed for carrying passengers for hire or reward, so the service that we they are providing is moving your luggage, you are merely "sitting with it". It is down to the drivers discretion on the day.

5 - We are coming by train, then walking from the station, can you meet us there or anywhere else?

A- Yes, but because a specific time and place is involved, we have to charge an extra £10 for this "meet" service, in addition to the cost of the luggage transfer for that day.

6 - Will you transfer my bike, cycle panniers etc?

A- Yes, we also have a network of bike hire specialists as well, so we can organise your cycle holiday as well as deliver your bikes and panniers. Our cycle transfer specialists all have the relevant insurance to move your bikes.

7 - How do I pay? Can I pay cash? How much for paying by card?

A- Paying by cash is an option offered to our overseas walkers to avoid high international bank charges. If you make a NEXT DAY booking, this option is also available as we know there are not a lot of cash machines on the coast path! If you pay by card, there will be  a 4% charge on every transaction which we are charged and have to pass it onto you, the customer. Cash payments really are only offered as a last resort.

8 - Can you help me with organising accommodation?

A- Yes, by far the best accommodation database for walkers is on our website, see "walker's accommodation" from our links ladder. Alternatively, if you don't want the hassle of doing it yourself, you can use our walking company who can arrange your whole holiday, accommodation and luggage transfers right through to your own personalised itinerary, go to: www.budgetwalking.co.uk

9 - Can you guarantee to deliver my bags by a certain time?

A- Yes, we will get them there by 4pm, but in reality, they are usually delivered by 1pm. If you want to guarantee an earlier time, say you need to catch a train,  we will charge an additional £10 to guarantee the driver is there by a specific time or to hand the bags to you at a certain place. 

10 - Can I get general advice from you on my walking holiday?

A- Yes, we deliver thousands of bags a month, we arrange hundreds of walking holidays and we work with over 25 other walking companies in the UK and worldwide, there is not a lot we don't know about walking the Pembrokeshire Coast and will be delighted to help! feel free to call us on 01326 567247 or e mail us on: coast@luggagetransfers.co.uk

11 - Do I need to organise pick up time etc with the accommodation providers?

A- No, we will do that, most accommodation providers in Pembrokeshire are used to us delivering and picking up, we also call them the night before the delivery as company policy.  However, if you have arranged your accommodation from outside of our database, it will be prudent for you to check they are happy for us to pick up and deliver to them.  Some campsites for example, have no secure pick up and drop off areas whatsoever and they flatly refuse to accept bags. Larger holiday parks see orphan bags as a security hazard and will not accept them without their owners!   This is a rare situation though.  If you are camping, it is vital that there is a booking in your name in place at the campsite, otherwise we may have difficulty on the day.  

12 - Do I need to wait with my bags for the driver?

A- No, the usual method is for you to leave your bags and our driver will collect them from the accommodation provider, however very occasionally an accommodation provider may have a particular issue on the day which can make this difficult, in these cases you / they will need to call us. There is always a solution like a key code or a locked garage or outhouse!

13 - Do you operate all year?

A- Yes, but our standard tariffs are for the period from the 15th March to the 31st October inclusive, after that we charge a few pounds extra for all transfers, this is because in the off season we do not have the volume of transfers to make it worthwhile for the drivers unless we pay them more, and hence, have to charge more. It is usually the difference of around £5.

14 - Do I need Travel Insurance?

A- Travel insurance is always recommended for any holiday whether you are travelling within the UK or from overseas.  It will reimburse you if you lose your money and pay compensation if you have to cut short or cancel your holiday through injury or illness.  Click here to get a low cost quote.  Please note that the insurance we provide for your baggage is only valid whilst in the possession of our driver during the transport phase.  See our terms and conditions.

15 - What else do you do?

A- We have a walker's book shop, which you can access from the links ladder, selling much of the gear you will find helpful for your walking holiday, we also organise walking holidays using our sister company "budget walking" go to: www.budgetwalking.co.uk

We provide an accommodation listing that is uniquely walker friendly, meaning they usually accept the one night and short break bookings. If the accommodation host has indicated that they will not take one night bookings, this is clearly stated on the information provided on our database.  This can and often does happen over bank holiday periods and in the very high season.

We provide full cycle hire facilities and will transfer your cycles/panniers/luggage, all with the proper insurance, we will organise taxis if you need people transfers, long stay parking and in general there is no request we will not do our very best to fulfill !  Please ask!