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Minehead to Poole or Poole to Minehead?

Our own statistical analysis and 6 years experience  has shown a 4 to 1 ratio in favour of walking in the Minehead to Poole direction. So.... that is east to west on the north coast and west to east on the south coast. For this reason we have designed our luggage transfer service to accommodate that fact.

If your decision is to walk in the opposite direction, then please be aware that there would be a £2.00 reverse charge fee per transfer for your luggage movements. In economic terms, this is simply to cover the extra time and fuel involved for our drivers as it is not an automatic return route for them....but it actually does encourage people to walk in the same direction which has it's own benefits, such as not bumping into each other on the narrow stretches of path!! Seriously though, we do try hard to be an eco-friendly company and we know from experience that most walkers also feel strongly about environmental matters. When our customers walk in the same direction not only does it reduce the costs to them and ourselves but of course there is also the benefit of a reduced carbon footprint. We feel this is a win-win situation and hope that you agree!

Other things to consider:
  • Do you wish to walk into the sun or with the sun to your back?
  • Do you wish to start with a difficult walk or make life easier and start with a couple of shorter ones?
  • Most of the guides are written as if one is walking from Minehead to Poole

We hope that this information helps you to decide which way to walk. Whatever you decide, we will be delighted to transfer your luggage for you, leaving you free to enjoy the stunning scenery you have in store.