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Frequently Asked Questions:

We endeavour to cover most of your queries here, but by all means contact us if you cannot find what you need to know on our site.

1 - If I only have one item of luggage do I have to pay the full 2 bag rate?

A -We simply reduce the cost of a 2 bag transfer by £2. It is still the same journey as a 2 bag transfer so we have to cover the drivers costs irrespective of number of bags.

2 - What time will my bags be picked up and delivered?

A- It depends on how many deliveries our drivers have that day and whether yours is at the start, middle or end of those deliveries, but they will definitely be picked up after 09.15am and delivered by 3.30pm at the latest, but most are delivered by 1pm.

3 - What is the definition of one bag or item of luggage?

A- Each item must not weigh more than 25kg. Our drivers should not be expected to risk their health to deliver an unreasonably big or heavy item. Our drivers carry scales and use their own discretion... and if they deem it too awkward or heavy they will leave you a card asking you to redistribute the weight for the next transfer. If an extra bag is needed, you will be charged another £4 per day to cover it.

4 - Will you give us a lift if it rains or we get injured etc?

A- It depends very much if the driver has room, but you will have to wait for them to arrive for the luggage transfer, which may not be till late morning as they pass through the town. We do not charge for this as many of our drivers are not licensed for carrying passengers for hire or reward, so the service that they are providing is moving your luggage, you are merely "sitting with it". It is down to the drivers discretion on the day as this is outside his / her duties.

5 - We are coming by train, then walking from the station, can you meet us there or anywhere else?

A- Yes, but because a specific time and place is involved, we have to charge an extra £10 for this "meet" service, in addition to the cost of the luggage transfer for that day. 

6 - Will you transfer my bike, cycle panniers etc?

A- Yes, we also have a network of bike hire specialists as well, so we can redirect you to the relevant company to contact.  Our cycle transfer specialists all have the relevant insurance to move your bikes.

7 - How do I pay? Can I pay cash? How much for paying by card, and what other options do I have?

A- Usually a cash payment is only offered to overseas walkers to avoid high international bank charges. If you book a NEXT DAY transfer, this option is also available as we realise there are not always cash points around the coast path! If you pay by any card over the phone there is a 4% charge. There is also a BACS option, making payment through the bank, or of course, if in advance there is always the cheque option! We have recently opened a payment gateway on our website, which the following question can answer for you.......

8 - Is your website safe and secure for payments?

A- Yes, https://www.luggagetransfers.co.uk is secure.  It runs on a HTTPS protocol, with an SSL verified by GlobalSign.  You can test and see the certificate at https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html?hostname=luggagetransfers.co.uk That means, all the data comes from, and goes to https://www.luggagetransfers.co.uk is encrypted.  This website uses a Stripe plugin to process payments, and the website of https://stripe.com is secure too.

9 - Can you help me with organising accommodation?

A- Yes, by far  the best accommodation database for walkers is on our website, see "walker accommodation" from our links ladder, where you can contact any accommodation using the "send email" button asking their availability. Alternatively, if you don't want the hassle of doing it yourself, you can use our own walking company which will arrange your whole holiday, accommodation, luggage transfers right through to your own personalised itinerary, go to: www.walkthetrail.co.uk

10 - Can you guarantee to deliver my bags by a certain time?

A- Yes, we will get them there by 3.30pm, but in reality, they are usually delivered by 1pm. If you need to guarantee an earlier time, (say if you have a train to catch) then this is where, for an extra £10 we make sure our driver meets you with bags ready and waiting at your chosen time and place. 

11 - Can I get general advice from you on my walking holiday?

A- Yes, we deliver thousands of bags a month, we arrange hundreds of walking holidays and we work with over 30 other walking companies in the UK and worldwide, there is not a lot we don't know about walking in the South West and will be delighted to help! feel free to call us on 01326 567247 e mail us on: coast@luggagetransfers.co.uk

12 - Do I need to organise pick up time etc with the accommodation providers?

A- No, we will do that, most accommodation providers in the south west are used to us delivering and picking up, we also call them the night before the delivery as company policy. Although,  it would be prudent for you to check they are happy for us to pick up and deliver from them, as some camp sites for example, have no secure pick up and drop off areas whatsoever and they flatly refuse to accept bags before the walker arrives. We find the bigger holiday parks have security problems with bags arriving with no owners!  Some of the Travel Lodges and Premier Inns have a security issue too, so always check before you book with them.

13 - Do I need to wait with my bags for the driver?

A- No, the normal way is for you to leave your bags and our driver will pick them up from the accommodation provider as he passes through the town, however very occasionally an accommodation provider may have a problem on the day which can make this difficult, in these cases you will need to call us to advise of any possible issue.  It can often be solved with a key being left or bags left in a secure garage / outhouse. The accommodation providers get to know our drivers and trust builds up.

14 - Do you operate all year?

A- Yes, but our standard tariffs are for the period from the 15th March to the 31st October inclusive, outside of these dates we charge simply at the next band up for transfers, this is because in the off season we do not have the volume of transfers to make it worthwhile for the drivers unless we pay them more, and hence have to charge a little more usually about £5 difference.

15 - Do I need Travel Insurance?

A- Travel insurance is always recommended for any holiday whether you are travelling within the UK or from overseas.  It will reimburse you if you lose your money and pay compensation if you have to cut short or cancel your holiday through injury or illness.  Click here to get a low cost quote.

16 - What else do you do?

A- We have a book shop, which you can get to from the links ladder, selling all the maps and guidebooks you will find helpful for your walking holiday, we also organise walking holidays using our sister company "Walk the Trail" go to: www.walkthetrail.co.uk

We provide accommodation listings that are uniquely walker friendly only, meaning they enjoy the one night bookings, which most don't!

We provide full cycle hire facilities and will transfer your cycles/panniers/luggage, all with the proper insurance, we will organise taxis if you need people transfers, and in general there is no request we will not do our very best to deal with or at the very least pass on to someone who can!