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Luggage Delivery/Collection in Clovelly

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Clovelly is a privately owned village in North Devon. Due to vehicle restrictions, our drivers are unable to access the village, therefore the following terms & conditions apply only to transfers to and from The New Inn and Harbour View properties in Clovelly.

  • Luggage will be delivered to the Visitor Centre located at the top of village or to the New Inn storage room. A phone call is made by Visitor Centre staff to the Harbour View for collection.  It is your responsibility to attend to your own bags in the New Inn store room.
  • Our responsibility for your bags is complete once they have been delivered to The Visitor Centre or the New Inn storage room.
  • For collections, bags are collected from the New Inn storage room.  The Harbour View courier your bags to The Red Lion for collection.
  • Accommodations may charge for the transportation of your luggage to the Visitor Centre and to The Red Lion. This is charge applied by the accommodation independently and has no connection to our charges.
  • Luggage Transfers Limited is only responsible for your luggage during the transportation by a Luggage Transfers Driver. We are not liable for your luggage whilst being stored or transported within Clovelly.
  • For more information about deliveries to/from The New Inn, please see this article.