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Deliveries to and from The New Inn in Clovelly

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If you have booked or are planning to book a stay at the New Inn in Clovelly and require luggage transfers, please ensure you read all of this article.

Clovelly is a unique privately owned village in North Devon built on a very steep cobbled street.  There is no vehicle access to the main part of the village, so all movement of supplies (food, laundry and luggage) is done using sledges built and owned by the village or property within the village.

Luggage Transfers have delivered to the Visitor Centre, store room and Red Lion since 2010, with bags being collected by The New Inn to take to the Hotel.  From 2024, they have asked that clients leave their bags in the store room overnight and just take to the hotel items required for your overnight stay.  If you require your bags at the hotel, then you are responsible for moving your own bags from the store room to the hotel and in the morning back to the store room.

It is not safely within our delivery driver’s remit to drag a sledge of multiple bags up and down the village, and would not be covered by any insurance should injury occur to themselves or others.  Therefore, the following restrictions apply to transfers to/from the New Inn, Clovelly.

DELIVERIES – Luggage Transfers will deliver your bag to the Store Room of the New Inn which is located at the top of village.
If walking from the Westward Ho! direction, do not turn into the High Street, instead continue walking and you will come to a barrier on your left.  Behind this barrier you will see Clovelly Soap Shop.  If you walk to the right of this building, you will see a number of padlocked doors.  Just beyond the last door, you will see another locked door set back from the others.  This is the store room.  Please phone the New Inn on 01237 431303 for the key code to access this door.  A map indicating the location of the Store Room can be found at the bottom of this article.

It is essential all items to be transferred are back in the store room INSIDE your main bag by 09:00.  Luggage Transfers will not be held responsible for items not moved if they are (a) not inside a bag or (b) not in the store room before 09:00.  Please do not rely on staff to transport your bags.  Whilst they may be able to transport them to the store room at some point in the morning, it is likely they will not be there in time for our driver to collect, who normally visits Clovelly just after 09:00 before working his way down the coast towards the Padstow direction.

If bags are not at the collection point when we visit, we are unable to wait.  This will result in your bags being left behind and will not be transferred by Luggage Transfers on this day.

Should this happen, we will try to contact you either by phone, email or via your walking company to inform you of this, so you can arrange your own transfer.  Please understand that taxi operators in the area are unlikely to collect directly from the accommodation and will also require bags to be at either location stated above.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but this is due to circumstances outside of our control.  If you have any questions, please contact us on 01326 567247 or info@luggagetransfers.co.uk

Below is a map of Clovelly marked as follows:

Suitcase – The location of the Store Room. (drop off/collection point)
Bed – The location of the New Inn.