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Responsible Tourism as a Pathway to Sustainable Tourism


The Wales Coast Path is the longest recognised walking path in Britain at over 840 miles long and although it is newly opened means that statistics for its use are hard to come by. It is a safe bet that within the next 10 to 20 years it will bear a great comparison to the South West Coast Path, which currently brings in an estimated 300 million per year in revenue as a result of its high usage by tourists. That means an awful lot of people are walking the South West Coast Path!

At Luggage Transfers we fully endorse and practice responsible tourism and are committed to showing that it can be a positive experience for all parties involved, whilst minimising negative social and economic impacts. We are also committed to ensuring that our own economic success does not adversely affect Wales' beautiful coast line.

We know that walkers are by their very nature concerned about the environment and the impact of their own actions and so we are proud of the difference our customers can make just by using our luggage transfer service. For example:

  • Luggage Transfers provide a mixture of part time and full time work for over 100 people in Wales and the south west of England
  • Based on last season's Carbon Calculation we estimate that this year we will remove around 250 tonnes of harmful carbon emissions from the atmosphere by removing tens, and in time, hundreds of cars from coastal roads every day.
  • Luggage Transfers has taken part in a number of conservation events, and is presently investing in a project to bring a network of electric cars and fast charge points to the south west of England and Wales

We believe that locals, tourists and businesses alike need to be responsible for the resources that are capitalised upon for the purposes of tourism, so by using the service we provide, our customers are supporting us to make a real difference to the world around us. By putting one foot in front of the other and taking in the world class views, our walkers can relax at the end of a long day safe in the knowledge that together we have helped keep Wales and the south west of England........absolutely beautiful!