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Book Your Own Trekking Holiday and Save Money! 

Walkers may complain about the costs involved in using a walking / trekking holiday company to organise their holiday around the Pembrokeshire Coast Path or the South West Coast Path. Of course though, it is not the fault of the walking holiday companies themselves, because they have to pay their staff, office costs etc. and so they have to charge you a bit on top of the actual cost of all the component parts. There is a way around it though, and that is to book your holiday yourself - but don't be surprised..... it may be a lot harder than you thought!

How to Book Your Own Trekking Holiday

Follow this step by step guide to book your own trekking holiday. Of course, Walking companies can sometimes obtain cheaper prices, know all the "little gems"  accommodation, as well as saving you a lot of stress along the way. But if you have the time and patience, here’s how to do it:

1- Choose the Stretch of Coast Path you want to Book Your Walking Holiday on. We assume you are thinking of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path which is an excellent choice......!

The entire 186 mile Pembrokeshire Coast Path can be walked in 12 days of walking with an average 14 miles per day. At that pace it is quite hard going so with a couple of days off, you could book a 2 week trekking holiday or take it easy and do it in 3 weeks with shorter daily distances. But of course it is completely up to you..... Many walkers will just pop down for a long weekend and locals will often walk just one day here and there, so whether you have a half day or 3 weeks, you can still walk part or all of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

To help you decide which stretch of the path to walk, we recommend you go to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Trail website. This web site has a fair amount of walk planning information on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. It is the distance from each location to the next that is important to focus on, ensuring you stop off each evening at a town or village that actually has accommodation in it is very important!!! If you don't plan this part of your trekking holiday properly, then the rest will be a may find in remote areas you may have to book 2 nights in the same place and use taxis or buses to take or return you for your next days walk.

Note: You should ensure that the length of each days walking is not too long or arduous for you. If you have not done it before, you will likely be shocked at how hard a typical coast path 5 miles is, versus a flat 5 mile walk! Better to take it easier over at least the first few days of your walk, and give yourself regular days or half days off.

You are now 5 steps from completing the booking of your Trekking holiday....!!

2- Book your Short Break Accommodation for your wonderful Trekking Holiday

Click on the following link, and you will come to the only comprehensive one night and short break friendly accommodation database that covers the entire Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Although it has been put together by us, that is not why we are signposting you to it, the reason is because it is the only comprehensive list of walker friendly places out there for the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. It is in coast path order and broken down into sections and daily legs which allows you to easily plan your walk- just click here: Short Break Accommodation

Note: Before you book with the accommodation owners, make sure you have a clear plan of which villages and towns you will stop at, and also ensure you have a means of payment to pay the deposits which many owners will want up front. Remember that one night stays and short breaks are not very popular with accommodation providers, so get your deposit paid early! This reduces the chances of an accommodation owner contacting you later to cancel because they have since had a longer booking. To save time later, have a word document open and write down each address as you book it, including telephone numbers, post code and grid reference - this will be the beginnings of your accommodation itinerary!

4 steps away from completing your trekking holiday booking, and the hardest bit done.... !!

3- Book your Luggage Transfers

We would like you to book these with us, for a variety of reasons. We move more walkers bags than anyone else in Britain, we move over 10,00 a month in the busy season.  We insure them, are much cheaper than elsewhere, and we are the only company who will be able to take care of all your transfers anywhere on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, or within the entire land mass in between. If that is not enough, because we move so many bags together, when you book with us you remove needless vehicles from the roads and reduce carbon emissions. To book or get a quote, just complete this Baggage Transfers Enquiry form

3 steps away from booking your trekking holiday, and you've helped the environment by booking your luggage transfers with us....... !!

4- Print off your Walking Route itinerary

Your "walking route itinerary" is different to your "accommodation itinerary". A walking route itinerary will explain the route and pick out any interesting and historical features, as well as warning you of such things as path closures - as in the case of the firing range at Castle Martin which at certain times in the day and week closes the coast path! It is therefore both handy from a practical point of view as well as illuminating your walk with interesting information. We use the originally named guide book called "Pembrokeshire Coast Path" by Jim Manthorpe, the publisher is "trail blazer" and you can buy it from our own walkers book shop or if you are a frugal shopper, you can probably get it 30p cheaper from Amazon! 

Note: Once you have your walking route itineraries as well as your booked accommodation itineraries, keep them together.

2 steps away from booking your trekking holiday, nearly there!

5- Buy a map of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

You will definitely need a map or your trekking holiday might not just be in Wales! We recommend a "Harvey Map" entitled Pembrokeshire Coast Path and the reference number of it is XT30. This is a tough polyethylene map and won't fall apart in the first rain shower.

We have a walkers book shop where you will find them but again, you can also go to Amazon.

1 more step away from booking your trekking holiday......

6- Other stuff you will need for your trekking holiday

You will definitely want a good pair of walking boots and some light but waterproof clothing. (for this typical British weather!) You can get a good pair of boots usually for £40 or more from places like Mountain Warehouse or Millets.  We always recommend to get them properly fitted so we do not advise mail order. Here is a full kit list (beyond boots and waterproofs) for you to consider. The ones in bold are those we consider essential:

  • Small Daysack (consider a waterproof liner too)
  • Water Bottle (you may want to avoid re-using the disposable water bottles as the plastic breaks down and is said to have a harmful cumulative effect on health)
  • Personal First Aid Kit (small one with plasters, foot powder, lip salve, insect bite cream etc.)
  • Map Case
  • Compass
  • Whistle (we consider this very important as in the unlikely event that you fall and become trapped, a whistle will raise the alarm easily)
  • Gaiters
  • Thick Socks
  • Hat -  for sun and for the cold if out of season
  • Walking Poles
  • Sit Mat
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent
  • Camera

Other Top Tips For Your Trekking Holiday

  • It can get really hot when walking on the coast path because if the sun is out, the heat rises up from the cliffs, so be sure not to wear too many thick layers. Thin layers, easy to remove are usually the order of the day, with a final thin waterproof layer

  • Take more than one pair of socks per day on your walking holiday, and take some powder for your feet too. Wet feet will crack and blister and cut short your holiday

  • Sun screen and lip salve are a must - the sun and light tends to be stronger near to the sea and many get caught out
  • If it is your first time on a trekking holiday, make your first few days easy short walks to get your body and feet used to it. If you are walking for more than a few days at a time, consider a regular day off or maybe plan in some half day walks

If you want any advice at all feel free to call or e mail our team who are experts on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. We not only arrange luggage transfers, we also book entire holidays for hundreds of walkers every year as well as maintaining our market leading accommodation database, so there is not a lot we cannot help with!  All our contact details are on the left links ladder.  or... you can e mail us at

Happy Trekking Holidays! You did it!

PS- If you find it too much hassle and would like us to arrange your walking holiday for you, then click on this link to our sister company Walk the Trail and they will be delighted to help. They provide a high quality service and use the same accommodation as everyone else, they just charge less commission.