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The Pembrokeshire Coast Path 

Read on to find out all about the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, some of it's history and also the practicalities of walking on this most beautiful of walking routes.

Why choose the Pembrokeshire Coast Path for your Walking Holiday ?

The 186 mile long Pembrokeshire Coast Path regularly features on the top of lists and votes for the best walking trails in Britain and even in the world. It was named as featuring the world's 2nd best beaches by National Geographic magazine, and also as one of the world's top walking routes by the leading travel agents. It is the only coastal walking route in Britain to be included as a national park and also to be specifically designated as a national trail.....

On the right hand side is a video of The Pembrokeshire Coast Path which sums it up.....

We know it is not all about awards, but awards do give walkers the confidence to book a holiday. Once on the trail itself, you will see first hand that there is nothing better than to walk around a corner to be met with a vast expanse of untouched yellow sand and blue sea. But of course there is far more to the Pembrokeshire Coastline than the beaches! The flora and fauna are amazing, with coastal flowers which on occasions cover entire headlands in swathes of colour. The sea life is vibrant too, with basking sharks, dolphins and seals being regular visitors to this coast.

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path is probably the only coastal walking route in Britain to stand alongside the South West Coast Path in terms of both beauty and for the quality of the path itself. You will not go far wrong if you choose to book a walking holiday on it and if you do, please consider using Luggage Transfers Ltd for all your kit transfer needs. You will also find a wealth of information and short break accommodation on this website to help book your walking holiday too.

How difficult is it to Walk The Pembrokeshire Coast Path ?

It is not a particularly difficult walking route, however with all coastal paths you must be reasonably fit and one mile on any coast path always feels much more than the equivalent on a road way or tarmaced path. It is a trivia fact that once you have walked the entire Pembrokeshire Coast Path, you will have ascended the equivalent height of mount Everest!

Broadly speaking, the southern section is easier than the tall cliffs and exposed places of the northern section which also has greater distances between villages. Don't be put off though, because relative to other coastal walking routes, it is not particularly hard, and always remember that it is not a race, and you should not treat it as a competition with yourself or anyone else. Take it easy and enjoy it, you will see more and remember it more fondly. The happiest walker out there is the one enjoying himself the most!

How long does it take to walk the Pembrokeshire Coast Path ?

At 186 miles long, it really does depend on fitness levels, but most people find 2 weeks is about right, and that still leaves enough time to explore and walk around the various villages.

When to walk the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and the Climate there.

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path is battered by the Atlantic Sea and is very exposed, so hot sun and settled conditions can give way to high winds and rain at any time of the year. Of course though, the main walking season from Spring to Autumn (March to October) offers the best chance of settled weather, but even in the winter, with a bit of luck you can have warm and settled weather. The gulf stream warms the whole area and it very rarely freezes even in mid winter.

Other things to consider are the number of walkers using the path, in mid summer it is very busy, not so much with committed walkers but general tourists visiting the coast, and the sheer number of mid-summer visitors in Pembrokeshire make one night accommodation hard to come by. For this reason many walkers find that April to June and also September are great months for the mix of slightly cooler weather, less people and easier to book accommodation. Flowers are in abundance in May and June and sea life often peaks then too, with basking sharks being regular visitors. All in all, we feel May or June are the best times, but everyone is different!

Book Your Own Walking Holiday on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

We do hope our introduction to the Pembrokeshire Coast Path has made you want to book a walking holiday there. If so, you can follow our step by step guide by clicking on book your own walking holiday

The other alternative is to get it arranged for you, which takes all the hassle and stress away! Our sister company - Walk the Trail - can do this for you. Don't worry, they will provide a personal, high quality walking holiday for you using only the best accommodation available.

More detailed information on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Opened in 1970, Llwybr Arfordir Penfro, - Pembrokeshire Coast Path, offers some of the most stunning coastal scenery in the country for a walking holiday. The Pembrokeshire Coast Path lies almost entirely within the boundary of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, the only coastal national park in Britain.

This beautiful walking route offers those on a walking holiday the most stunning array of coastal flowers and bird life.

Pembrokeshire was designated as a National Park in 1952. The industrialised areas of Pembroke Dock, Milford Haven and Fishguard were left out of this designation and after much debate the Pembrokeshire Coast Path was commenced. Impossible to avoid, and considered by some to be eyesores, these urban, industrialised areas may be regarded by others as beautiful in their own way, but the Pembrokeshire Coast Path designers have done a sterling job in keeping the starker aspects of chimneys and towers out of sight for the walker for as long as possible. Depending upon your point of view and idea of beauty, you may decide to leave out the section between Angle and Milford Haven from your walking holiday.

The official length of The Pembrokeshire Coast Path is 186 miles or 299km and is a much indented peninsular, so the distance a walker actually walks will depend upon the number of shortcuts or detours they choose to take on their walking holiday. Although any reasonably fit person should be able to cope quite easily, there are some steep ups and downs and in fact the 35,000 feet of ascents and descents is said to be equivalent to climbing Everest! Now you don't want to be climbing Everest with 25kg on your back do you?!  So remember to book your baggage transfers with us to avoid that!!

If you're walking South to North, the Pembrokeshire Coast Path begins in the seaside village of Amroth. Look out for the sandstone cliffs of south Pembrokeshire, contorted by the ravages of time into fascinating shapes. After Tenby Harbour, the cliffs towards Stackpole become limestone and there is a wealth of geographical features to amaze you such as blowholes, caves, and natural rock arches like the very famous Green Bridge of Wales (below). The sands of Freshwater West lead you round the Daugleddau Estuary and then on to the town of Pembroke - which boasts a Norman Castle.

Your walking holiday becomes tougher now and enters true "Welsh Country" taking in more beaches at Broad Haven and Newgale (Here, 6 miles in-land is Haverfordwest, the most popular town in Pembrokeshire and you will likely see many local villages and smaller towns referred to as within the community boundaries of Haverford / Haverfordwest... these are postal districts ) and then the path continues on to the village of Solva.

When you are approaching the smallest city in Britain (St David's) you may be lucky enough to hear the bells of the cathedral pealing across the valley. From here the path then wends its way around St David's Head and past Ramsey Island where your binoculars will come in handy to hopefully view dolphins and seals! From Goodwick, if your itinerary permits, you could catch the ferry over to Ireland for a day or two, or even for lunch!! Ferries run 3 times a day and sailing time is 2 hours.

The final stretch of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path will take you into the shadow of the Preseli Hills. This is 'bluestone country' and was the source of some of the stones for Stonehenge. Here also are some of the highest and most gloriously spectacular cliffs in West Wales and the path concludes at St Dogmaels, near Cardigan. The Pembrokeshire Coast Path; diverse, stunning, breath-taking, magnificent.  Any number of superlatives can be, and are, applied to this corner of the world, just waiting for you during your walking holiday!

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The delights of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path are diverse, extensive and wondrous, so go ahead and enjoy your walking holiday - leave your bags to us!