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Manorbier Castle, Pembrokeshire

A fortified manor overlooking a sheltered beach is Manorbier Castle.  The original incumbent was the Norman Knight, Odo de Barri, who in the 11th century probably lived in a wooden hall defended by a surround of earthworks.  It later came into the hands of his son Geraldus Cambrensis, also known as Gerald of Wales, whose books are still essential reading by those who nurture an interest in the medieval period of this land.  He was born here and showed his fondness for this place with the quotation "In all the broad lands of Wales, Manorbier is the most pleasant place by far".  The de Barri family continued to develop the estate at Manorbier by using the income from their Irish estates.  The castle's defences have never really been tested, the only violent episode in the history being a family feud over ownership.  In 1392 the family died out and after passing through the hands of various absentee landlords, the castle really became a farm. During the civil war it was captured by General Laugnharne.  The castle is now privately owned. 

The location has been used for filming in 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe' in 1989 and also 'I capture the Castle' in 2001 when the moat was re-filled with spring water.