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Carew Castle

This wonderful and romantic castle is extremely well preserved.  It's long history goes back over 2000 years to when the site was a Iron Age fort.  Then followed a castle probably built with timber and earth by Gerald of Windsor circa 1100 who came into the property as part of a dowry when he married the 'most beautiful woman in Wales', a lady called Nest, the Princess of Deuhaubarth.  Legend has it that he was so inspired by her beauty that one night back in the year 1109 he climbed the walls of the castle and captured her. We can still capture some of that inspiration when visiting this historic site.  The stunning castle looms romantically over the River Carew whose waters once were harnessed to power the mill wheels for 4 centuries.  Right up until 1937 this mill ground the corn for the castle community. The mill is still working today.  There is also a fine Celtic Cross and just for good measure, a ghost or two including an ape!