Please find below a selection of the most commonly asked questions we receive from holiday companies.  If you have a question that is not listed, please give us a call on 01326 567247 or email

What Paths we cover

Luggage Transfers offer bag courier services on the following routes:

  • The South West Coast Path
  • Two Moors Way
  • Dartmoor Way
  • Cornish Celtic Trail
  • Saints Way
  • Devon Coast to Coast
  • Coleridge Way
  • Exe Valley Way
  • Tarka Trail
  • Pembrokeshire Coast Path
  • Ceredigion Coast Path
  • Carmarthenshire Coast Path

If you wish to discuss any other route in the South West or Wales, please get in contact.

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Luggage Transfer Prices

We are pleased to say Luggage Transfers will not be increasing prices for 2021.  We will be maintaining our prices for the 3rd year in a row.

Luggage Transfers prices differently to other baggage couriers in the UK.  The South West Coast Path is unlike any other route, covering 630 miles of the South West of England.  To cover the 2000+ accommodations we visit in 300+ towns and villages requires a network of 30+ drivers.  Whilst a daily walk may only be 12 miles, the journey by road could be over an hour and up to 25 miles.  Each transfer is banded based on time and distance, with prices starting from £14.40 (inc Vat) for 2 bags.  Additional bags are charged at £3.60 (inc Vat) regardless of distance.

If there are any routes you require the price for, please email or phone 01326 567247.

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NEW - Changes to how we invoice for 2021

In order to best manage transfers, we have made the decision to reorganise and separate the way we deal with private and business bookings.  In the past, we split the business geographically, meaning you often received 2 invoices for transfers on the South West Coast Path.

From 2021, all invoicing to yourselves will be from South West Sherpas no matter where the transfers are taking place.

Please be assured, it is only the invoicing that is changing.

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Seasonal Office Hours

From 1st November 2020 until 28th February 2021 our office will be open between 10.00am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.

From 1st March 2021 until 31st October 2021 our office will be open between 9.00am and 7.00pm, 7 days a week.

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When are we operating in 2021

Our first transfers of the 2021 season will be on Monday 1st March.
Our last transfers of the 2021 season will be on Sunday 31st October.

If you have requests for transfers earlier or later than these dates, please do ask, as we may be able to assist.

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Collection/Delivery Times

Please ensure you inform your clients that bags should be ready for collection from 9.30am.  The accommodation will be able to advise where bags should be left.

We aim to deliver all bags by 4.00pm.  During the height of the season, traffic may cause some delays, meaning bags may not arrive until 4.30pm-5.00pm.

If, for any reason, you receive notification that a bag has not been delivered by this 5.00pm, please call the office on 01326 567247.  On nearly all occasions, bags have been delivered, but have been stored out of sight and have not been mentioned in staff handovers.

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Standard Bag Allowances & Additional charges

When making a booking with us unless instructed otherwise we will charge as follows:

Single walker – 1 or 2 bags (price remains the same)

2 or more walkers – 1 bag per person

If a client leaves more bags than allocated, then we will contact you to inform you of this.  The additional charge will be added to your invoice and it is your responsibility to request any additional fee from your client.  Please see our B2B Terms & Conditions for more information.



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Maximum bag weights

We offer a very generous weight allowance of 25kgs per item.  This is the maximum safe weight our drivers can lift.  Please reiterate to your clients, that we are unable to move bags over this weight.  To add an additional bag to any booking is £3.60 per day regardless of distance.

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Meeting a walker to collect or deliver bags

Occasionally we get asked to meet clients to collect or return bags.  This is usually when they opt to walk on the day they arrive, or leave after walking on the last day.  We do offer a meet service for the cost of the transfer + £12 (inc Vat).  This service is available between the hours of 8am and 6pm.

If you have a request outside of these times, please let us know.

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Multiple Accommodation Collection/Deliveries

If for any reason, you require us to deliver or collect bags from more than 1 accommodation for the same client party in the same town, we will charge an additional £2.40 (inc Vat) per split.  This only applies to accommodations within the same town, and the same client party.


Party of 4 with a transfer from 1 accommodation to 2 accommodations.  Cost of this will be 1 transfer + £2.40.

Party of 4 with a transfer from 2 accommodations to 1 accommodation.  Cost of this will be 1 transfer + £2.40.

Party of 4 with transfer from 2 accommodations to 2 accommodations.  Cost of this will be 1 transfer + £4.80.


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Taxi bookings

Whilst we do not provide people transfers ourselves, we can book taxis for your clients if given more than 48 hours notice.  We work with a large network of taxi/private hire companies throughout the South West and Wales to fulfil these requests.

Prices for these journeys may change over the course of a season.

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Airport / City / Seaport Transfers

We are now able to offer competitive rates for transfers to and from the South West of England from airports, major cities and seaports.

In most situations of 4 or more, it is more cost and time effective for your client to have a door to door private transfer than it is to use public transport.

Example – Gatwick to Padstow using public transport will take between 6 and 7 hours using at least 2 trains, and a bus or taxi from Bodmin. Total cost is at least £70 per person one way.

A private taxi will take between 4 and 5 hours costing £285 (1-4 persons) or £335 (5-8 persons).

If you would like further information, please email or phone 01326 567247.

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